Sunday, July 09, 2006

Finally! I'm blogging! - July 9, 2006

Whew! It's been a while.


Goodness, so much has happened, what to update you on first!

Well, the new pictures and slideshow tell a lot of the story... but I have some specific blogs that I will be posting later this week, like my awesome Engine Tour (I went to the LOWEST point of the ship AND the HIGHEST!) my 23rd Birthday in Cozumel, Diving, Key West, my next ship, swimming with dolphins, Dunn River Falls, Swimming with Stingrays, River Tubing.... and Levi's visit in Key West!

Gosh, I don't even know where to begin...

Well, I'll tell you this much- my life is about a TRILLION times better with my NEW laptop! That's right folks, I've finally gotten my 12" Powerbook. And she's perfect. And cute. And smart. And cute. And fast. And cute. (Did I mention cute?) I sold my 14" ibook about a month and a half ago and had been lost without a laptop for 30 whole days! (I know, can you believe it?) So I just got this one two weeks ago and my whole life changed.

So now it's back on track. Working on my photography (I made two new composites!) and writing away... next week I'll have some more pre-prepared blogs for you....

(Like people actually are interested.... haha.)

Anyway, I guess today I'll write about July 4th, by far the best day of my contract so far. Why is that, you ask? Well, Levi came to visit! It's been about two and a half months since I've seen him, which is far too long, so I had a litany of surprises lined up for him.

When we pulled into the port, I had me and 8 other friends make posters saying "Selena Loves Levi," and we all ran up to Deck 5 (Promenade Deck) and waved them for him when we pulled in.

He was surprised.

Then, we watched the sunset (a Key West must!) and had a romantic, dimly-lit dinner at a cute little Italian place. We were sad when he left, but I must say I was proud of myself for not folding into a little ball of tears.

My last surprise was a note or present for EVERY day from that day until the day I come home, which is only like 22 days away now! So he has 22 little presents to open until then!

So now he'll be surprised 22 more times before I get home!

~ ~ ~

Oh! And earlier this week we went to Hell. That's right. Devil, brimstone, Hell. Well, Hell, Grand Caymen, that is. Katie, Judy, Kristen, Catherine and her friend and I went on a tour of Grand Caymen and we went to Hell, which is basically a cute little road side attraction complete with quirky locals dressing up in costumes! It's really just a rock formation that oddly resembles volcanic rock, even though we're no where near a fault line or geothermic activity, and a little hut full of souvineirs and a man who dresses up like the Devil every day for tourists. My favorite kind of place!

Then we went to the Turtle Farm, where they raise sea turtles for either research, release, or food, we're not entirely sure.... It was fun, though, I got to hold a sea turtle! (See slideshow...)

~ ~ ~

Well, we've got a lot to update you all on, so expect some more back-dated blogs this week!


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