Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Great Move of Ought-Nine

Hello Blogger friends!

My blog is still active, (Albeit after a short 7 month period of inactivity, also known as SLACKING....) but has now moved to another blogging tool that seems a bit more efficient than Blogger. (No hard feelings, Blogger! Wow, I just apologized to a program...)

This new site is a Word Press site, and you can still leave me fun comments (which I love!) even if you're not a Word Press member, so it's all good!

So please, if you are linking to my blog to keep up-to-date on my and Levi's wild adventures, please update your links to:

See? It's easy, you just have to replace the word "blogger" with "wordpress."

Wow, now this company is probably REALLY upset with me. I'll log off before they come after me through my computer screen or something.

Blog on!