Thursday, September 28, 2006

Surviving overnights, and Approval Night Looms - September 28, 2006

So, I've been surviving. And it's not so so bad.

I should be sponsored by AMP by Mt. Dew by now though. It, and sour Skittles, are the only thing keeping me up all night.

Rehearsals are 11-8 am right now. After hibernating all day, I've been dancing all night long.

(I never thought I would mean that literally....)

But it's fun. We get giddy, we explore the dark park, we tried to sneak over to other rehearsals during our lunch break (from 3-4 am, and try eating pasta at that time.... ech.), and we take funny pictures of each other (like my new profile picture).

But mostly, we just try to stay awake.

~ ~ ~

Well, this is it.

Tonight I find out whether I'm truly worthy of the Castle stage.

After a month of grueling rehearsals, two never-ending overnights, and 20+ hours of driving to and from Disney, I find out tonight if I'm really going into the show.

Yes, I did make it past the auditions to be here, and no, I haven't been getting page after page of notes after each run (Even though Kevin and I know we deserve it... haha. After every run, Robbie says "Ok, Cast out for notes please," but Kevin and I hear "Ok, Kevin and Selena, we'll be emailing you a PDF of your multiple pages of notes...") but I'm still somehow nervous about tonight.

It's essentially "big-wig" preview night. All the big bosses are coming to see the show in it's entirety, with wigs, costumes, heads and feet, for the first time.

Tonight it's a big red or green light for everyone.

Wish us luck.

(And pixie dust!)

Monday, September 25, 2006

"Fearless," and hibernation... - September 25, 2006

Well, here I am, still awake at 3:30, trying to prepare my body for the potential hellaciousness (spell check?) that will be overnights.

I'm combining two techniques to accomplish my 9 hour overnight rehearsal at the Magic Kingdom. One, I'm staying up as long as my body will let me tonight and two, I'm taking a sleeping pill when I get tired. I'm going to try to sleep until about 4 pm tomorrow. (So if you're planning on calling me... don't.)

Then, I have to go to Capones for work at 6 until 10, then high-tail it to the MK at 11 pm for rehearsal until 8 am.


I might not make it.

Catie (bless her sweet, big-sisterly soul) is bringing me 'drugs' to keep me up... those being the ones you get at 7-11 for $2 next to the register. I think it's just straight caffine. Oh, and we'll drink some Rockstars, an energy drink that should sponsor Catie, since she drinks it pretty much every day I see her at rehearsals.

And more often than not more than one.

I told Levi I felt I was going into hibernation and I had the urge to stuff leaves and fur up my bum. ('Cause I think that's what bears do when they go into hibernation, but I could be wrong, since Levi cracked up and said he can't imagine a bear going around the forest shoving large amounts of foliage up his butt. And now that I think about it neither can I...

I think they eat the leaves and fur and branches and stuff... but whatever.)

But anyway, into hibernation I go...

~ ~ ~

And on a side note, if you haven't already seen Jet Li's new movie "Fearless," you should. It's amazing.

I actually didn't know how much I liked martial arts movies until this one. I realize being asian and watching them with my oldest brother and grandfather all the time growing up kind of requires me to like martial arts movies automatically, but I didn't realize I did until now.

It's just such a great movie, and Jet Li is amazing in the marital arts sense, and his acting has grown and matured signifigantly since "Unleashed," the last martial arts movie I watched and realized that I liked them. Again.

Anyway, I love the movie, which follows the true story of a Chinese man who basically fought for the country's honor in the early 20th century.

I loved it because it really showed how beautiful China is as a country and as a part of the Asian culture.
And because it really showcased the asian culture and highlighted the nobility and values of that culture.
And because it really was emotionally evocative, without involving some cheezy Hollywood romance.

And because it really made me wish I was Asian.

Wait a minute....

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dancer in the Dark... Speaking Latin....

"excuse me.. blog update please :)" - Kristen

Funny, I was just thinking this fuzzy morning: "I should really update everyone... it's been a while..."

And then there was Kristen, my conscience in human form.

So here I am.

~ ~ ~

My Disney experience is still plugging along. Rehearsals are almost over, but we're about to enter the hardest part: Overnights.

:Cue Dramatic Music:

:Dun dun DUUNNNN!:

That's right. Although Disney doesn't like to put EXACT dates on when things will open, (just in case we don't) to be safe, we're scheduled for a certain day soon. And that's about all I can say, I think... (Again, still paranoid about getting fired and all... hehe)

But we still haven't danced on the stage that we'll be performing on for the next year.
Not once.

And, to be honest, there's a really good reason for that.

We just can't.

You see, right now, yes right NOW, there are tourists crawling all over Disney World, gulping in all the syrupy-sweet sights they can see at once.

And right now, we can't be one of those sights.

We can't just go out on the stage in the middle of the day and rehearse. Can you imagine? A bunch of sweaty dancers in sweatpants and ripped up shirts going though this random show a few times, marking it a few times, Goofy sitting down and eating snacks on break, Minnie laying around and stretching, Mickey lounging about in his rehearsal gear... all in front of the 'magical' castle and in front of guests?

"I paid $100 to see grubby dancers rehearse?" they would whine.

Banish the thought.

Therefore, we get to dance on that stage from 11 pm to 8 am three times next week.

That's right.

11 post meridiem to 8 ante meridiem.

Just call me a vampire.

'Cause I'll be passed out during the daylight hours all next week.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cheese, Mouse-style...

Well, it's official.

I'm now a full-blown Disney Cast Member of the Brand-New Castle Show. (I'm not sure that I'm allowed to leak the new name... and since I don't want to lose this Brand-New Job, I won't.)

And I'm loving it.


Amazing, huh?

Didn't think I would, did ya?

Well, neither did I, to be honest.

After a lifetime of lothing Disney to a certain point, I am now finding myself swept up in all that magic and pixie dust.

Weird feeling.

We started rehearsals yesterday for the new show, opening in October. It's so cute, featuring the usual cast of characters, and an awesome, sweet cast of dancers who I already love. Everyone is really nice and funny, which is a blessing, since I'll be working with some of them for the next year.

And to add to the schmooze, I'm rehearsing in the same studio I danced in when I was 9 doing Silhouettes, a JCC community project when I was little, and I'll be dancing on the same stage my sister did over 10 years ago in front of the castle when she was a Kid of the Kingdom, which I believe is what we're referred to as well.

How great is that??

And, on top of all that, Catie, my awesome friend from Capone's, asked to be in my cast too! Then, when I walked into rehearsals, nervous as a school-girl on her first day of sixth grade, I recognized another girl from high school, and then another girl from my studio days. Then ANOTHER girl recognized ME from another dance studio!

Magic. All around.

(Cheesy enough for you yet?)

Anyway, long story short, I'm deliriously happy. I was in pain after dancing for 8 hours on concrete, then working at Tatame for another 4 hours, but still smiling...

weird feeling.

So, just to round out the update, I turned down Sea World (I'll be at the Kingdom Thursday-Saturday, so it conflicted...) and am attempting to be an Active Backup at Horror Nights. (Universal... ohhh... rivals.... hehe)

But I still have four jobs right now.


Life as a starving artist.

Just a glamorous as it sounds......