Saturday, July 15, 2006

The fastest way to a mutiny on board, or "Mutiny on the Rhapsody" - July 15, 2006

Ok, want to know how to overthow a cruse ship?

Here's a step by step:
-And if any RCCL officers (or terriorists, or that matter) are reading this, I'M JOKING.-

But kinda not.

Anywho, step one:
Take out the crew satellite. The one that supplies the crew, who are stuck on board for MONTHS at a time, with outside lines to phone and internet. You can do this simply by sneezing in it's general direction, having a butterfly land on it, or by having a cloud whisk by at a slightly brisk pace.

Step two: Don't tell anyone for a day or two.

Step three: Post a sad little sign outside the crew internet cafe that reads
"Internet broken."
"Try again later."
(And this is the kicker, don't forget this part.)
"Sorry for the inconvienence"

(Then snicker at your lack of sympathy, because in reality, you're not sorry. You are planning a munity, after all.)

Step four: Watch the mutiny begin on it's own, probably led by the entertainment division, which contatins singers and dancers who do little else than sit on the internet for hours at a time.

Voila! Instant mutiny.

Or, rather, what's been happening for the last week on board.

Levi thought I was dead.

(And interestingly enough, my family barely noticed... hehe)

It's been a rough few days on board, to say the least.

~ ~ ~

But on Sunday, expect a blogging extravaganza of some sort. Tomorrow, a boring ol' sea day, with NO internet or phones to speak of, of course... I'll be working on my 'Adventure' blogs. I've had a few adventures that I didn't want to post without pictures, so I'm pulling all that together for you,
the few,
the faithful.

And as a teaser, I'll let you know that I almost DIED this week.

(And no, it's wasn't from a disgruntled, internet-less dancer attacking me with spikes from the shoulder-pads of her "Tommy" costume...)


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