Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I yam who I yam... April 5, 2006

Aquiring all the documents to prove who I am again is a tricky business.

To get a passport, I need a licence.

To get a licence I need a passport and social security card.

To get a social security card I need a passport or licence.

To prove that I am who I am... I need little pieces of paper that essentially prove nothing, since anyone could steal these from me too.

AND, on top of all that, to get back on the ship... I need all of those things...


~ ~ ~

I've been home for a few days, but it's felt like seconds.

I've been busier than I've been since I was in college.

(And those of you who knew me then, you knew me as "That Blur" that whirred throughout Rollins on a daily basis...)

But I'm getting things done... s l o w l y....


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