Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cheese, Mouse-style...

Well, it's official.

I'm now a full-blown Disney Cast Member of the Brand-New Castle Show. (I'm not sure that I'm allowed to leak the new name... and since I don't want to lose this Brand-New Job, I won't.)

And I'm loving it.


Amazing, huh?

Didn't think I would, did ya?

Well, neither did I, to be honest.

After a lifetime of lothing Disney to a certain point, I am now finding myself swept up in all that magic and pixie dust.

Weird feeling.

We started rehearsals yesterday for the new show, opening in October. It's so cute, featuring the usual cast of characters, and an awesome, sweet cast of dancers who I already love. Everyone is really nice and funny, which is a blessing, since I'll be working with some of them for the next year.

And to add to the schmooze, I'm rehearsing in the same studio I danced in when I was 9 doing Silhouettes, a JCC community project when I was little, and I'll be dancing on the same stage my sister did over 10 years ago in front of the castle when she was a Kid of the Kingdom, which I believe is what we're referred to as well.

How great is that??

And, on top of all that, Catie, my awesome friend from Capone's, asked to be in my cast too! Then, when I walked into rehearsals, nervous as a school-girl on her first day of sixth grade, I recognized another girl from high school, and then another girl from my studio days. Then ANOTHER girl recognized ME from another dance studio!

Magic. All around.

(Cheesy enough for you yet?)

Anyway, long story short, I'm deliriously happy. I was in pain after dancing for 8 hours on concrete, then working at Tatame for another 4 hours, but still smiling...

weird feeling.

So, just to round out the update, I turned down Sea World (I'll be at the Kingdom Thursday-Saturday, so it conflicted...) and am attempting to be an Active Backup at Horror Nights. (Universal... ohhh... rivals.... hehe)

But I still have four jobs right now.


Life as a starving artist.

Just a glamorous as it sounds......




At 11:47 PM, Blogger Saipan Chamoale said...

I know you just started a new job, but....

It is a part time job, which would allow you to look for other types of environmental work (it is there, trust me).

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Selena said...

Haha, you're so cute. Why are you so determined to get me out to Saipan? (Although if I could relocate Levi as well, I'm sure his family would love that, as I would too!)
I am trying my hardest to get out there this Christmas to see you and Levi's family. Are you going to be there?


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