Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dancer in the Dark... Speaking Latin....

"excuse me.. blog update please :)" - Kristen

Funny, I was just thinking this fuzzy morning: "I should really update everyone... it's been a while..."

And then there was Kristen, my conscience in human form.

So here I am.

~ ~ ~

My Disney experience is still plugging along. Rehearsals are almost over, but we're about to enter the hardest part: Overnights.

:Cue Dramatic Music:

:Dun dun DUUNNNN!:

That's right. Although Disney doesn't like to put EXACT dates on when things will open, (just in case we don't) to be safe, we're scheduled for a certain day soon. And that's about all I can say, I think... (Again, still paranoid about getting fired and all... hehe)

But we still haven't danced on the stage that we'll be performing on for the next year.
Not once.

And, to be honest, there's a really good reason for that.

We just can't.

You see, right now, yes right NOW, there are tourists crawling all over Disney World, gulping in all the syrupy-sweet sights they can see at once.

And right now, we can't be one of those sights.

We can't just go out on the stage in the middle of the day and rehearse. Can you imagine? A bunch of sweaty dancers in sweatpants and ripped up shirts going though this random show a few times, marking it a few times, Goofy sitting down and eating snacks on break, Minnie laying around and stretching, Mickey lounging about in his rehearsal gear... all in front of the 'magical' castle and in front of guests?

"I paid $100 to see grubby dancers rehearse?" they would whine.

Banish the thought.

Therefore, we get to dance on that stage from 11 pm to 8 am three times next week.

That's right.

11 post meridiem to 8 ante meridiem.

Just call me a vampire.

'Cause I'll be passed out during the daylight hours all next week.


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