Monday, September 25, 2006

"Fearless," and hibernation... - September 25, 2006

Well, here I am, still awake at 3:30, trying to prepare my body for the potential hellaciousness (spell check?) that will be overnights.

I'm combining two techniques to accomplish my 9 hour overnight rehearsal at the Magic Kingdom. One, I'm staying up as long as my body will let me tonight and two, I'm taking a sleeping pill when I get tired. I'm going to try to sleep until about 4 pm tomorrow. (So if you're planning on calling me... don't.)

Then, I have to go to Capones for work at 6 until 10, then high-tail it to the MK at 11 pm for rehearsal until 8 am.


I might not make it.

Catie (bless her sweet, big-sisterly soul) is bringing me 'drugs' to keep me up... those being the ones you get at 7-11 for $2 next to the register. I think it's just straight caffine. Oh, and we'll drink some Rockstars, an energy drink that should sponsor Catie, since she drinks it pretty much every day I see her at rehearsals.

And more often than not more than one.

I told Levi I felt I was going into hibernation and I had the urge to stuff leaves and fur up my bum. ('Cause I think that's what bears do when they go into hibernation, but I could be wrong, since Levi cracked up and said he can't imagine a bear going around the forest shoving large amounts of foliage up his butt. And now that I think about it neither can I...

I think they eat the leaves and fur and branches and stuff... but whatever.)

But anyway, into hibernation I go...

~ ~ ~

And on a side note, if you haven't already seen Jet Li's new movie "Fearless," you should. It's amazing.

I actually didn't know how much I liked martial arts movies until this one. I realize being asian and watching them with my oldest brother and grandfather all the time growing up kind of requires me to like martial arts movies automatically, but I didn't realize I did until now.

It's just such a great movie, and Jet Li is amazing in the marital arts sense, and his acting has grown and matured signifigantly since "Unleashed," the last martial arts movie I watched and realized that I liked them. Again.

Anyway, I love the movie, which follows the true story of a Chinese man who basically fought for the country's honor in the early 20th century.

I loved it because it really showed how beautiful China is as a country and as a part of the Asian culture.
And because it really showcased the asian culture and highlighted the nobility and values of that culture.
And because it really was emotionally evocative, without involving some cheezy Hollywood romance.

And because it really made me wish I was Asian.

Wait a minute....


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