Thursday, September 28, 2006

Surviving overnights, and Approval Night Looms - September 28, 2006

So, I've been surviving. And it's not so so bad.

I should be sponsored by AMP by Mt. Dew by now though. It, and sour Skittles, are the only thing keeping me up all night.

Rehearsals are 11-8 am right now. After hibernating all day, I've been dancing all night long.

(I never thought I would mean that literally....)

But it's fun. We get giddy, we explore the dark park, we tried to sneak over to other rehearsals during our lunch break (from 3-4 am, and try eating pasta at that time.... ech.), and we take funny pictures of each other (like my new profile picture).

But mostly, we just try to stay awake.

~ ~ ~

Well, this is it.

Tonight I find out whether I'm truly worthy of the Castle stage.

After a month of grueling rehearsals, two never-ending overnights, and 20+ hours of driving to and from Disney, I find out tonight if I'm really going into the show.

Yes, I did make it past the auditions to be here, and no, I haven't been getting page after page of notes after each run (Even though Kevin and I know we deserve it... haha. After every run, Robbie says "Ok, Cast out for notes please," but Kevin and I hear "Ok, Kevin and Selena, we'll be emailing you a PDF of your multiple pages of notes...") but I'm still somehow nervous about tonight.

It's essentially "big-wig" preview night. All the big bosses are coming to see the show in it's entirety, with wigs, costumes, heads and feet, for the first time.

Tonight it's a big red or green light for everyone.

Wish us luck.

(And pixie dust!)


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